The Freedom to Work Anywhere

'Using cloud technology, we offer a full desktop experience

just as you are used to'

Introducing the Hosted Desktop


A hosted virtual desktop is just like your normal PC desktop, except that your applications, data and user profiles are stored in a secure UK data centre.


It is designed to replace your traditional desktop PC environment.


You can login to your Hosted Desktop from anywhere that you can get a connection to the Internet from almost any device including a Windows  PC, laptop, thin client, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

All the benefits of a traditional I.T. infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost.

Easily Budget


A hosted desktop solution enables easier monthly budgeting.

High Performance


Our Hosted Desktops run on enterprise grade, high performance servers.

Fully Scalable Solution


Only pay for what you use. Never have money tied up in underutilised resources.

Business Continuity


Fire, flood, theft, loss of power or internet? Hosted desktops enable your business to continue as normal.



We have auto failsafe protection across all of our servers. Meaning guaranteed on demand availability.

Security & Protection


Protection is provided  firewalls on our network,  and intrusion detection to monitor and block unauthorised access.


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