Data Backups

We use high-end storage equipment, located in secure datacentres.

Keep your data secure

Hosted backup uses high-end storage equipment, which is located in physically secured UK datacentres. Powerful authentication capabilities are used to ensure that only those authorised are able to access your data, and that it remains 100% private.

Your most important business asset is data.

After all, without customer information, order details or product data, you will not be able to perform  business activities.

Imagine partially or even completely losing your business data…

Our Hosted Backup gives you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your data is safely stored at all times.

Why choose Hosted Data Backups?

For any operating system

Backup data from Servers, Windows desktops & laptops, Mac's and Linux devices.

Military grade encryption

All data is encrypted using 256-AES encryption, before being backed up to the cloud for maximum security of your files.

Peace of mind

Cloud backup is ‘fire and forget’ software; once configured, it works fully automatically through a schedule.

Automatic reports

Reports emailed to you, make sure that you are always up to date about the status of your backups.

High availability

Your data is always and directly available. When you lose data, you can immediately start with restoring your data.

Low cost of ownership

Cloud backup needs to be configured once; thereafter all backups are automatic, saving you time and money.