Pay as You Go I.T Support

For the business which would just like someone to contact for their ad-hoc I.T requirements.

No requirement to pre-purchase support hours

Remote or on-site support available

Minimum 1 hour onsite or 1/2 hour remote support

Not looking for an I.T contract?

If you’re looking for someone to help with I.T issues that may arise from time to time, but don’t want an I.T support contract, we are happy just to be on the end of the phone or an email, should you require our help.

Our pay-as-you-go support

We can offer remote or on-site support without any requirement from you to pre-purchase support time, and can advise and quote on any one-off I.T requirements you may have.

Our range of support

We can offer help with PC’s, Laptops,  Mac’s, Servers, Networks,  Emails, Backups, Viruses, Internet connectivity, and a whole range more.

Contact us to see how quickly and easily we can provide I.T Support...

What does our pay-as-you-go support cover?

Client Systems

Microsoft Windows

Mac OS

Server Systems

Windows Server

Windows Server Essentials

Client Hardware



Local Networks

Cabled (Ethernet)



POP3 / IMAP / Exchange

On-Site Email Servers

Office Software

Microsoft Office

Microsoft 365

Network Hardware





Network Attached Storage

Other Services


AV/Security Software

Virus Removal

Internet Access Issues

Software packages

It doesn't end there...

If you would like help with

something not listed here,

please feel free to contact

us to see if we can help.