Security Solutions

Protect your company data against evolving threats

We offer a complete portfolio of security products for the small business, for you to select from. Ranging from security consultancy and configuration, to security products and services to protect your data.

How protected are you?
If you have any concerns about how vulnerable your I.T systems are to viruses, malware and hacking attempts, we can run a security audit on your systems. As well as checking your existing security products, we can talk to you about how you can use and configure your computers for greater protection against threats.

Does your I.T infrastructure meet the new GDPR standards for security?

Security Software

Protect your servers, desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones with total security software from market leading providers, BitDefender, Webroot & Trend Micro

Email Spam Filters

Take advantage of our cloud based email spam filters to stop ransomware, phishing emails, viruses and spam, before they even reach your mailboxes

Secure Messaging

Encrypt and track your messages to comply with industry standard requirements


Should your devices be mislaid or fall into the wrong hands, ensure your confidential company data cannot be read by making sure all your drives are encrypted.


Ensure your I.T infrastructure is secure from intrusion by having a configured firewall between you and the outside world.

Web Filters

Stop your web enabled devices from being able to connect to potentially dangerous websites.