I.T Hardware

Increase the speed of your I.T Systems

Invest in a brand you can trust

As a Dell partner, we can offer built to order I.T hardware at competitive rates, from one of the world’s leading manufacturers in business PC’s, laptops and servers. Be it anything from a single laptop, PC, or accessory – to servers, or an upgrade of your entire I.T systems, why not see what we can offer.

Dell, HP and Lenovo have ranges of PC’s and laptops that are designed for the business environment, and this is what we supply to our customers. Because these are business machines, they only come pre-installed with Microsoft Windows Professional (not Home). Therefore, features that allow you to connect to servers and networks, to login and control your computer remotely using Remote Desktop, and to securely encrypt your hard drive using BitLocker, are built in as standard.

Built for business

Rest easy with business class warranties

Our laptops, desktop computers and servers from Dell, all come with the option of Next Business Day On-Site warranties,  meaning in the unlikely event your hardware should fail, an engineer from Dell, along with any replacement parts required is dispatched to be with you by the next working day, to repair or replace your hardware. Warranties are available from 1 Year next business day response, up to 7 years, 4 hour response on some ranges from Dell.